Events of the Friends of IIASA

May 26, 2022

IIASA 50th Anniversary start

International Cooperation for Global Challenges: 50 Years of Building Research Bridges at IIASA

May 26, 2022

Co-sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences US Committee for IIASA, Friends of IIASA & IIASA

Hosted by the Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies

Venue:  BU Questrom School of Business Executive Leadership Center, 595 Commonwealth Ave, 4th floor

Reception: BU Pardee School of Global Studies, 121 Bay State Road


9:00-10:00 Why International Research Cooperation?  Why IIASA?

Welcome: Adil Najam (Dean, BU Pardee School of Global Studies)

Origins of IIASA and YSSP: Roger Levien (IIASA Director, 1975-1981)

IIASA in the 21st Century: Albert van Jaarsveld (IIASA Director General)

10:00-10:30 “Decisions for the Decade” Game: Pablo Suarez (YSSP 2002, Red Cross Climate Centre)

10:45-11:30 Pathways to Energy Justice and Energy Sustainability

Moderator: Mark Hanson (YSSP 1977; Hoffman Planning & Design)

Benjamin Leibowicz (YSSP 2013; University of TX Austin): My climate change mitigation research at IIASA: Past and present

Narasimha Rao (IIASA postdoc 2011-13; Yale School of the Environment): Deepening equity in IIASA’s climate research

Gurneeta Vasudeva Singh (YSSP 2004; Univ. of MN Carlson School of Management): Navigating ecosystem bottlenecks for electric vehicle commercialization: Taking a systems approach

11:30-12:15 Systems Analysis for Food and Water Security 

Moderator: Natalia Fath (YSSP 1997, Towson University)

Carl Boettiger (YSSP 2009, University of CA, Berkeley): Will algorithms save the planet and will we regret it when they do?

Jessica Gephart (YSSP 2014, American University): Shocks to global seafood supply chains

12:15-12:20 Introduction to the Raiffa Center Initiative

Speakers: Margaret Goud Collins (Friends of IIASA; Howard Raiffa Center Initiative)

Judy Raiffa (Howard Raiffa Center Initiative Founder)

12:20-1:30 Working Lunch: Considering the Raiffa Center

Moderated lunch table discussions on Raiffa Center structure, membership, topics

Discussion leaders: Mark Thompson (IIASA 1973-75; Equity Resources Group)

Jeff Keisler (Raiffa student during early 90s; Univ. of Massachusetts Boston)

José Siri (IIASA Postdoc 2009-2012; Consultant, WHO & World Bank)

Paul Arthur Berkman (IIASA Arctic Initiative, Science diplomat; Tufts & Harvard Univ.)

1:30-1:45 Celebrating 50 Years of IIASA: Jeffrey Sachs (virtual presentation) (Columbia University)

1:45-2:30 Pathways to Global Health Moderator: Margaret Goud Collins (Friends of IIASA)

Michael Stoto (YSSP 1977; Georgetown University, Harvard University): COVID-19: A global health systems perspective

José Siri (IIASA Postdoc 2009-2012; Consultant, WHO & World Bank): The role of systems thinking in expanding conceptions of health

2:30-3:30 Lightning talks by YSSP Fellows: 9 short talks by YSSP alumni, on how their work at IIASA affected their careers

Moderator: Brian Fath (YSSP 1997, DYN; YSSP Science Coordinator; Towson University)

YSSP Alumni: Andrew Foster (YSSP 1985, POP; Brown University): Risk and child investment

Hélène Benveniste (YSSP 2019, POP; Harvard University): The use of scenarios for climate migration research

James McNerney (YSSP 2008, TNT; Harvard University): Production networks and economic growth

Yingjie Li (YSSP 2021, ASA; Michigan State University): International spillovers on achieving national SDGs

Noah E. Gotbaum (YSSP 1988, PIN; New Spirit Capital, LLC): The direct link between Russia’s faulty economic transformation & its Ukraine invasion   

Robert Barron (YSSP 2014, ENE; Western New England University): Getting the MESSAGE out: Climate science and local stakeholders

Natalia Fath (YSSP 1997, LUC; Towson University): Applying YSSP experience from land use/cover change to teaching/researching environmental geography

Radost Stanimirova (YSSP 2017, ESM; Boston University): Using remote sensing to monitor land degradation

Mark Hanson (YSSP 1977, REN; Hoffman Planning & Design): IIASA making a difference

Alex Nutkiewicz (YSSP 2019, ENE; Stanford University): Cross-national perspectives on heat stress in the urban built environment

3:45-5:00 Global Challenges for the 21st Century

Panel presentation/discussion of key global challenges, the information/analysis needed for informed development of solutions, and IIASA’s role as a center of science diplomacy with a heritage of building research bridges between nations.

Opening Remarks/Moderator: Adil Najam (YSSP 1995; Dean, BU Pardee School of Global Studies)

Panelist respondents: Bill Colglazier (AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy)

Albert van Jaarsveld (IIASA Director General)

5:00-5:20 Closing: Moderator: Margaret Goud Collins

Roger Levien (IIASA Director, 1975-1981)

Albert van Jaarsveld (IIASA Director General)

5:30- 6:30           Reception at Pardee School of Global Studies